Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SNOW DAY #2 - 2/17/2015

Who knows when we'll be back to school - maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday.  If you're looking for something to do today, here are my suggestions.

Russian I and II

Make sure that your journals are ready to be collected since I will be seeing you our next day in school.  Continue practicing with your new vocabulary and grammar.  Make flashcards of the different endings and be able to identify which case is signified by which endings.  Spending a few hours with this throughout the day (twenty minutes here, thirty minutes there) just drilling these cards can help you to memorize and get this information down pat.

Russian II

Your weather reports will likely be due next week with the snow.  We'll talk about this more next class.  Try to get some writing done for this assignment and I'll answer questions for you next day in class.

English II

You should be reading Purple Hibiscus.  Continue working on your vocabulary development as well as noticing the characters in the text.  We'll continue working on research projects in class, but if you have reliable internet connections at home I would recommend that you work on some of this research at home.

AP English III

Make sure that you're prepared for next class.  Some of you did not submit your writing assignment on symbolism in Invisible Man, so make sure that you communicate with Ms. Alley about this.  I would suggest that you continue to read Invisible Man and use this day to get ahead on your reading.  In addition, continue working on your research assignments - find your data and create your note cards.

With that, I'm going to bundle up and take the dog for a walk!  Enjoy the day everyone!  See you soon!

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