Friday, January 10, 2014

Homework for the Weekend - Honors English II

Honors English II

This weekend students you need to complete the final drafts of your essay and collect all of your supporting documents in your envelopes.  Here is a review of what you need to turn in to me on Tuesday:

  1. Your final draft with the essay rubric stapled to the back.
  2. Your rough draft with peer editing feedback.
  3. Your original argument with my feedback.
  4. You may also submit any additional drafts and notes or preparation work (outline) that you've done with this to show me your development and writing process.
Your essay will be scored using the rubric I gave you - you should use this to revise and check your writing.  The essay with the supporting material will count as a 150 point test grade.  Be sure that you do not miss this important end of quarter assessment.

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