Monday, January 27, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students - 1/27/2014

AP English III

Tonight I'd like for you to continue our reading of significant African-American writers by studying James Baldwin's "Notes of a Native Son" - this piece can be found in 50 Essays as well as at this link.  For the reading, you only need to complete parts one and two of the article.  We can save part three for Friday's class; if you'd like to go ahead and read it, please do.

As you read, pay particular attention to the extremely different tone that Baldwin takes in his essay in contrast to Hurston.  Try to find the reasons for the difference in tone from his experiences.  Also, continue to notice trends in the subject matter and rhetorical strategies employed by these authors.

Lastly, don't forget to look up the novel Native Son so that you can understand Baldwin's use of literary allusion to frame his narrative.

Russian I

For tonight I want you to continue your work on the reading assignment to develop your skills at using the plural.  In the story I want you to mark all plural nouns, adjectives, pronouns, possessive pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns.  At the end of the story you should then transform these from their plural version back to their singular.  If you can work in reverse, this will show me that you really understand this concept.  Remember as you do this work, do not just mark a word as plural just based on the ending.  Read carefully and remember that the genitive and prepositional case also use these endings.  Think about context and work on your translation skills as you do this work.

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