Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Homework for B-Day Students: 17 April 2018

English IV

Today in class we hopefully had time to complete and submit essays. If you did not print and submit an essay today, it would be important for you to turn in your printed essay and rubric to me next class. I'll be grading them this weekend and returning them to you so that you have the chance to resubmit your work! As I said today in class, don't stress making your essay perfect, it's really just a rough draft.

After that, you will want to be focused on your book projects. If you did not turn in your reading log, vocabulary card, and author project today, then make sure it is in to me next class.

AP English III

I hope that all of you enjoyed your mural projects today. I was happy to hear from you as you presented your work to your classmates. Make sure that you are using this time to go back to your book and check in on your annotations now that you know more as to what these motifs are doing in the text.

I will begin checking your blogs next class. Be sure that they are complete and shared to me via email.

On Monday, I'll be checking vocabulary cards and final annotations of Invisible Man. Be sure that you are ready for this date! Next class we'll be starting on our short story unit.

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