Friday, April 20, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 20 April

English IV

Many of you were able to accomplish everything for week one of our independent novel projects - congratulations to you! If you did not complete something, please make sure that it is ready for me on Tuesday of next week. By that point I should have your essays graded and returned to you.

For the weekend, continue reading your books and working on your character charts. I hope that you are all getting to the point where your novels are engaging and keeping you interested. Maybe you've also started to pick up on the larger message the author is giving you. Don't forget to do a reading log for each time you read!

Russian Language - I hope that you all felt prepared with your field test today. I'll let you know your results once I receive them!

Advanced Russian

Next week on Thursday we will have a quiz on plural declensions in all cases. On Tuesday we will do a bit of review and watch some more of The Cranes are Flying. Please make sure that you have completed your review exercises on the more recent topics so that you are prepared! Remember that you should have completed exercises on translations and with new vocabulary in Chapter Seven and Chapter Nine.

Russian I

You will have a quiz next week as well on plurals, but your plurals are only in the nominative case. The other classes are doing their quiz on all cases. We've now reviewed many exercises related to forming plurals. Be sure that you have completed these and that you can show them to me on Thursday of next week - the day we'll have our quiz. On Tuesday we'll be doing a lot of review around plurals in all of the different parts of speech.

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