Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Homework for 30 August - B Day Kids

Hello B-Day Students!  Welcome back!  It was great getting to know you and to start working with you for the year.  Please see the reminders below for your work tonight.

AP English III

Tonight we have two things to complete to prepare for our next class.  First, make sure that you have reviewed In Cold Blood - section one "The Last to See Them Alive".  As you are reviewing, consider your annotations.  You may see something that you missed before, mark it now.  Secondly, we have our article by Joan Didion called "On Keeping a Notebook" which is found at this link.

Please read the article. Take notes on paper or print the article and annotate it. Be sure to organize your notes by paragraph numbers. As you read, consider the questions we discussed at the end of class today:
1. Why does Didon write? Why does Capote write? Are their goals similar or different? How?

2. Does art have to be true? Can there be numerous kinds of truths?

Outside of this - have your parent contact form and your honor code pledge.

English II

Don't forget to complete your parent contact form and to get your supplies for this class.  After that, remember our key question from today:  What happens when there is no respect in the world?  Try to consider this as a jumping off point for Thursday's class.

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