Monday, August 29, 2016

Homework for 29 August - A Day - First Day of School

Welcome back everyone!  I'm very glad to get to know you or to get to know you better as the case may be.  Please read below for reminders about class and to prepare for next class.

Russian II-IV

Tonight you need to start learning STRUCTURAL TRANSCRIPTION of the Cyrillic alphabet.  Take five verbs that you remember and write them in ST.  Account for hardness and softness.  Try to identify the root and the ending.  What is the meaning of the verb?  What cases are associated with this verb?  Pull out all that you remember!  Have this on paper for us to work from next time.

Russian I

Tonight begin to work on your handwriting.  Please complete page one of your handwriting packet.

English II

Remember our key question from today:  What happens when there is no respect in the world?  Try to consider this as a jumping off point for Wednesday's class.

For All Classes:  Please remember to complete your parent communication forms (online version below) and to get your school supplies!

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