Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homework for the Weekend - 4/19 and 4/20

AP English III:

Over the weekend you have two things that you need to take care of.  First, you need to use the packet that I gave you on writing AP Multiple Choice questions and compose one question based on the section of "The Things They Carried" which you discussed in our inside circle discussion group.  Use the question starters to get going and then fill in details and answer choices based on the text.  If you're asking about a particular passage, please make sure that this is made clear in your question.  Your question needs to be submitted via the class website (use the two threads above) before class begins on Monday/Tuesday.  This will count as a homework assignment, so don't miss these points.  Also, please read the next major story in The Things They Carried called "On the Rainy River."  We will work through this story next week and do a bit of work on the anti-war movement.

English I:

Over the weekend I would like for you to continue thinking about the poems that you read by our four female authors.  Based on the poem that you were assigned in your small groups I would like for you to answer two (Honors) or one (Standard) of the discussion questions at the bottom of your worksheet.  Remember that you need to turn in this work to the box on Monday/Tuesday morning before the day begins.

Also, you will have two more class periods to work on our in-class assignment.  One day will be spent working and one day will be presenting.  Lastly, expect a Wordskills test next week.  You should study your wordparts over the weekend.

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