Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homework for A-day Students - 4/25

This is one of those situations where I'll need to make two postings:  one for A-day classes and one for B-day.

A-day Students -

Due to the fact that today was a PLC day we were cut a bit short.  Let me review for all of you what I'm expecting when you walk in on Friday.

AP English III:

Please begin tonight by reviewing the notes sheet that I intended for us to get to in class but we didn't.  It has several questions for you to investigate regarding "Shooting an Elephant" - the main point of this assignment is to do what we were doing in class; focus on specific paragraphs and areas of Orwell's text in order to unlock his purpose.  Very close level analysis.  Make sure that you've dealt with each question as we'll begin Friday with this.

Furthermore, I'd like for you to read what is my favorite story in The Things They Carried - "The Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong."  Annotate it heavily, look at the characters as symbolic in this story, and also think about the idea of "truth" from the previous story.  I look forward to our work on this story on Friday.

Oh, lastly, touch base with your discussion groups.  You'll have a bit of time on Friday to talk in class.  But I want to see some movement on these projects before you walk in on Friday.  Don't start the conversation on Friday, pick up from where you've already begun.

English I:

Today in class I gave you your final project for the year - your poetry project.  After you finished your reading assessment you were supposed to use the internet or the books in the media center to select your poem and give me the title and author.  If you didn't get your title and author approved by me in class, you must have this information on Friday.

On Friday you'll have your Wordskills Unit 2 Exam as well as your Poetry Quiz on the four poems we've been studying this week.  Review the poems carefully.  Study them intently.  Know the literary devices at work in the play (we made a chart about this earlier this week).  Pay special attention to tone.  We'll be moving on to some different poems soon, perhaps on Friday with time permitting!

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