Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Day Multiple Choice Questions

A-day students.  Please post your multiple choice questions and answer choices in this thread by adding a comment.  Make sure to include your name in the comment so that I can give you credit.


Unknown said...

The quotation "Imagination was a killer," signals a shift in...

A. Perspective
B. Syntax
C. Tone
D. Where the story takes place

Answer: B
-Morgan Trachtman

Olivia Elkins said...

O’Brien compares the images of a bird and plane in order to…

I. exemplify the imagery of a machine
II. to establish the idea of lost freedom
III. set an ironic tone
IV. to serve as a euphemism for dying

A. I only
B. I and II
C. II and IV
D. III and IV
E. I,II, and III

Answer: E
~Olivia Elkins

Sarah Crump said...

The author's reference/allusion to "have gun will travel" serves primarily to...

i. Describe the lack of purpose soldiers felt during the war.
ii. Exemplify the confusion soldiers felt concerning the meaning behind their actions.
iii. To establish a shift in syntax.
iv. To add irony to the passage.

A.) i only
B.) ii only
C.) i and iii only
D.) i, ii and iv only
E.) iii only

Answer: D

Kelly Childress said...

The author’s purpose of the phrase “offed lit up, zapped while zipping” is primarily used as a way to…

A. Convey a sense of hope for the men
B. Add complexity to the author's argument
C.Show the importance of an escape for the men from duties of war and their country
D. Incorporate dry humor in the text
E.Address the facade that the men put up in order to hide their true feelings

Answer E
Kelly Childress

Joeyshafer said...

O'Brian contrasts physical weight and emotional grief in order to...
A.Portray the true burdans of the soldiers and the hardships of war.
B.Explain why America lost the Vietnam War.
C.Show how fit the soldiers are and what they must carry.
D.Provide details on the daily lives of soldiers.
Answer A
-Joey Shafer

Alandra Williams said...

The author uses some light-weight items for things the men carried in order to...

A. Give each man his own personality
B. Remind the men of home
C. Show that lighter items have more of an affect than heavier items
D. Add relief to a stressful time period

Answer: C
Alandra Williams

Emily Bass said...

The author uses Martha for the purpose of...
A)showing Lieutenant Cross' past relationships before the war
B)creating a past Lieutenant Cross can use as a reality in order to get through the present.
C)showing Lieutenant Cross' weakness for the past.
D)Introducing a woman into the text.
E)creating two different story lines.

Answer: B
-Emily Bass

Unknown said...

What is, ultimately, the function of the pebble given to Lt. Cross by Martha?
A. to prove Martha's love for him.
B. to confuse the Lt. of his duties.
C. to throw at enemies/predators during the war.
D. to connect the two story lines.
E. to convince the Lt. to love her.

Best Answer: D
Kylie Williams

Joy Montemayor said...

The syntax of the dialogue first seen on page 13 is primarily to...

A.) further develop the group's lack of purpose
B.) emphasize the unity of the group's thoughts
C.) evoke an emotional response
D.) give importance to the dialogue
E.) show disorganization within the group

Answer: B
Joy Montemayor

Carling Counter said...

Why does O'Brien describe the incident with the Vietnamese boy's thumb?

A. To show show how the war affected the Vietnamese
B. To establish Mitchell Sanders as a hardened man
C. To show that there are psychological effects of war as well as physical
D. To use a gruesome war story the author had experienced

Best Answer: C

-Carling Counter

Unknown said...

The authors displays what each solider carries with them throughout the first chapter in order to

I. Help the reader connect to the different characters
II. Show the differences between each man and what is important specifically to them
III. To fill the first chapter with pointless details
IV. Introduce and set the tone for the rest of the novel

B. I and II
C. III and IV
D. I, II and IV


Maggie Figueroa said...

The purpose of the flashbacks are to...
A) forshadow upcoming events
B) evoke an emotional response from the reader
C)provide essential background information of the character
D) provide a sense of humanity of the character
E) allow readers to distinguish between the characters

Answe: D
Maggie Figueroa

Moneet Virk said...

O'Brien primary reason for listing the weight of materials that the soliders carried is to...
A) contrast with the emotional weight on the soldiers
B) to show how heavy they are
C) to show the immense pressure that was put on the young soldiers
D)to show how each soldier had a different role to play based on what he had to carry

Answer: A
Moneet Virk

Hannah Morse said...

On page 14, O'Brien uses all of the following to create a robotic, scientific image of war EXCEPT...
A. Syntax
B. Extended Metaphor
D. Allusion

Answer: D

-Hannah Morse

Unknown said...

Lieutenant Cross thinks about Martha which

A) makes him cry in a hole.
B) wins him the war after being the perfect leader.
C) distracts him causing him to get off focus and sloppy.
D) makes him kill his own men.

-Annalies Jobsis

Maggie Redick said...

According to O’Brien, what do the soldiers see as their purpose?

A.Fight for a cause
B.Find and identify targets
C.Search for enemies
D.March and carry things

Answer: D
-Maggie Redick

Adam Brown said...

The author gives specific weights for some objects carried but no weights for other to…
A. Show what is physically carried and what is carried emotionally or psychologically by the men
B. Allow the reader to understand the stress that these items put on them
C. Distinguish between what the men used to carry and what they currently carry
D. Exemplify the weights of military issued equipments

Right Answer- A

Adam Brown

Teewon Reed said...
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Caroline LeGrand said...

Luitenant Cross's flashbacks are

a. a reminder of his past
b. an escape from reality
c. helpful for his success during the war
d. a warning of something bad that will happen

Answer: B
Caroline LeGrand

Teewon Reed said...

The Heavy use of numbers throughout the entire chapter, best serves the purpose of...

A.exemplifying the depth of time on a soldier
B.chronological significance
C.A game of remembrance
D.representing the thoughts of a soldier

Answer- A

Teewon Reed said...

The Heavy use of numbers throughout the entire chapter, best serves the purpose of...

A.exemplifying the depth of time on a soldier
B.chronological significance
C.A game of remembrance
D.representing the thoughts of a soldier

Answer- A

Elizabeth Holland said...

The purpose of the paragraph from pages 13-15 is to
A. Describe the items that the soldiers carried
B. Show the universal, unchanging effects of the war on the soldiers
C. To describe what the soldiers did on a day to day basis
D. To inform readers that everything the soldiers carried was a necessity

Elizabeth Holland

Lionel Nelson said...

O'Brian describes Norman Bowker's acquisition of a Vietnamese boy's thumb in order to

A) Portray a gruesome war story
B) Introduce the unethical idea of child soldiers in war
C) Continue the pattern of showing what each soldier was carrying
D) Show the negative psychological effects of war

Answer: D
-Lionel "stealurgirl" Nelson

Kathryn T. said...

O'Brien's primary purpose in omitting quotation marks from dialogue sections is to:

A. Emphasize the soldiers' group identity
B. Contrast these soldiers' stories to those of others that may exist
C. Create a sense of confusion and chaos
D. Simplify the syntax
E. Parallel the soldiers' unique situation with unique syntax

Answer: A

-Kathryn Taylor

mariel said...

The author emphasizes the phrase "they carried" (pg 21) in order to...
A. Go along with the title
B. create a repetitive syntax to show the weight they carry.
C. For fun
D. Create an image the reader can relate to
E. All of the above

Answer b
Mariel Marie Gampe
Ps Lionel is weird.

Adam Plesser said...

Well this is awkward.

What drug do the men share in an attempt to calm their nerves?

A. Alcohol
B. Heroine
C. Marijuana (correct)
D. Acid

Adam Plesser

Sophia Oliverio said...

what does it mean to be a "true" war story?

A. It makes you feel good
B. It contains a hero.
C. Someone dies.
D. It has obscenity and evil
E. It is moral

Correct answer D

-Sophia Oliverio