Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Homework for B-Day Students: 5 December

AP Seminar

Today in class we worked through our Oral Defenses for our IWA - many of you were able to finish your defense with me. We'll talk about feedback on Tuesday when I return your rubrics and papers to you. From there, we went on to brainstorming since our next major task is going to be completing our TMPOD as our actual assessment task.

As we brainstormed, we thought of topics, connections between topics, lenses through with to investigate topics, and the evidence that exists related to these topics.

The major work to accomplish before Tuesday's class is to finish this brainstorming so that as you and your teammates gather together, you can begin to consider what your primary question will be. I also ask that you complete your reflection which is in Google Classroom. The reflection is a completion grade, but be thorough in your answers. I'll be using your reflections as well as your grades and performance on the tasks in order to create balanced groups that will support each other.

Advanced Russian

Friday's class is going to be our final workshop for both our UNC projects and our December projects. Let's review each of these.

For the December project I am expecting a full draft on Friday. You should use your checklist to make sure that you have a variety of the grammar expressions in your writing. Remember that you need to accomplish all of the goals across your writing for your month and for your days (Russian III). The templates that I gave you were more than what you need to write - I wanted to make sure that you had a variety of sentences. On Friday, failure to have a draft will result in a zero.

We'll also finish constructing our visuals on Friday as well as planning for our spoken presentations. I'll be assessing these elements of the project on Tuesday as we will be doing a dry run of our presentations. Remember that you have your rubrics already as to how you'll be assessed. The dry run will be a great way to practice before our symposium on Wednesday.

Lastly, remember that your reassessment for vocabulary will fall on Tuesday as well. This should be a quick check in so that you have the points that you need and the knowledge that you need as well.

Russian I

Today in class we did some listening, spent most of our class working on or completing our projects, and then moved on to working with word parts in Russian. I think that for those of you having trouble memorizing the meaning of full words, maybe you want to focus on the meaning of the roots - these can be helpful in determining the general meaning of the words.

For tonight, you need to look at Exercise 19 in Chapter One. This exercise is a translation exercise. You'll need to translate just the subject and the verb. The rest of the sentence is a bit beyond you right now. This is a good way to practice before we have our reassessment on verb conjugation!

Don't forget that you will have your unit examination on Monday!

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