Monday, November 26, 2018

Homework for A-Day - 26 November

What a good first day back! I'm a bit tired, but I think I'll rally. Here are the things to accomplish before next class.

AP English III

Today we had a very thorough conversation related to Sethe, slavery, and some of Morrison's other key ideas in the opening of Beloved. You all were very engaged in the work which was lovely to see. For tonight, we have a parallel author to read and consider. On Google Classroom you'll find Angelou's "Graduation" which is all about her...graduation. There are a lot of big parallels to Beloved that we can also draw. Pay close attention to her tone and especially how it changes in the text.

For Friday we'll have Chapters 3-5 of Beloved as well as the next set of vocabulary cards (16-20). Remember to review the previous slides about what to do if you've been losing points on vocabulary cards.

English IV

Today in class we focused on our first project. Some of you were able to get this done and everyone else got some great decisions made related to the project. We'll have more time on Wednesday and Friday to keep working on these projects. For tonight, I would say to finish choosing which projects you'll do for this adaptation of A Doll's House. From there, you may want to take a look at your Act I test corrections. It's important to make any corrections now, so that you're in a good place before we finish our unit!

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