Monday, September 15, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students - 9/15/2014

Russian II

Tonight for homework you have three exercises from Schaum's Outlines of Russian Grammar related to the Dative Case.  You will need to complete exercise 26 (1-8), exercise 28 (1-7) and exercise 29 (2, 3, and 5).  For exercise 29 you will need to use the expression надо which we learned today in class.

Russian I

Tonight I want you to practice with your vocabulary related to greetings and introductions.  Read over pages fifty and fifty-one which you were given today in class.  Then, complete exercise ten.  First, you need to fill in any missing parts of the dialogue using context clues.  Look at the answer, and then work backwards to fill in the missing question.  Once you have this done, on the back, you will need to write two brief dialogues.  Practice your vocabulary.  Write and speak.  Practice your intonation patterns!

English II

Next class you will have a quiz on the following texts:

  • The Anecdotes and Sayings of Saadi
  • "The Train from Rhodesia" by N. Gordimer
  • "In Praise of Feeling Bad About Yourself" by W. Szymborska
    • You will have thirty multiple choice questions related to these stories/texts.
    • You will have grammar related to our warm-up tasks.
    • You will have to write a paragraph which follows the proper structure.  The point is to show us what you have learned.  
Please feel free to ask questions.  Use your notes to study.  Prepare yourselves.

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