Monday, September 29, 2014

Homework and Announcements - 9/29/2014

Russian II 

Tonight we returned to the land of verbs. It looked to me that things were clicking again in class as we did those drills. Please continue your practice tonight. The Schaum's Outline is ver useful here because it organizes the exercises by stem. The book will call the stems by their Russian names. The exercises for you on the stems we know are on pages 215-218, 221, and 226-228. 

Try a sampling of these and see how you feel. Ask for help if you need it!

Russian I

From grading your tests today I can see some clear places for improvement. We will do some review work and probably look at scheduling a retest date for next week for those of you who would like that option. 

English II 

Tonight you have two excerpts which Ms. Gerdes gave you from the first chapter of Persepolis. Read the excerpts carefully and complete the tasks given to you at the top of the sheet. These excerpts are yours so please annotate or take notes on them to help you complete your task. Remember to have some evidence to show that you have done your reading for class. 

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