Friday, January 11, 2013

Homework for the Weekend and Monday - 1/11 and 1/14

Here are your tasks to prepare for Tuesday/Wednesday which will be the final full days of this nine weeks.

AP English IV

This weekend you have two poems to read and consider - Countee Cullen's "Yet I Do Marvel" and Claude McKay's "The White City".  As you look at these poems, consider the elements of the acronym that I gave you last class to help you understand what these authors are trying to accomplish.  Further, try to tease out any connections between these pieces and Ha Jin's "A Contract".  We will discuss all these pieces on Tuesday's class.

Also, don't forget that you have your Wordskills exam on Thursday.  Be ready!

AP English III

As promised here is the link to the Purdue OWL for help on completing your MLA citations.

Use this site to your advantage and remember to ask any questions that you may have.  Over this weekend your focus needs to be on your websites.  As a group you will have ten minutes to present your sites to the class.  After presentation, your content will be graded.  Grades and comments will be done in Jupiter Grades.  Please e-mail me through the weekend and I will get back to you as soon as I can with answers.

The story we started today in class will be discussed on Thursday (A-day) and Tuesday the 22nd (B-day).  Have it read and annotated.  This will serve as our bridge to our next piece, The Crucible.

English IV

Your final essays are due next class.  It is imperative that you submit anything that you have for this essay so that you can get some if not all credit.  Today in class we reviewed the rubric that I will use to grade this assignment.  I hope that you will use this rubric to edit your assignment so that you earn as many points as possible.

Also next class we will have our grammar test and start our work on William Shakespeare.  It'll be an exciting day for all involved.

Freshman Focus

No homework for Monday night.  If you're missing anything from Jupiter Grades make sure that you've seen me to get anything you're missing.

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