Friday, December 2, 2011

Homework for 12/2 and 12/5

Students - We are only a few short weeks away from Winter Break.  As we continue moving toward the break it's important that you all keep up the momentum and don't fall behind.  Below are some reminders for you as well as your homework for next class.

AP English III:

I definitely need to start seeing a lot more forward movement on these websites this weekend.  You should be finishing your analysis and moving on to the synthesis piece.  Now is the time ladies and gentlemen to be polishing your work and preparing for your presentation.  I will go over with you all on Tuesday/Wednesday what you should complete for your presentations.

Before next class you need to read and annotate Joyce Carol Oates' "Where are You Going?  Where Have You Been?" - it's an intriguing story and probably one of my favorite pieces of short fiction.  Use the questions at the end of the story to help guide your annotations.  We'll be discussing the story thoroughly on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Be prepared.

English I:

Before next class you have a bit of reading to do for me.  All of you should read chapter five of Animal Farm.  As you read you should begin on your second vocabulary bookmark.  Chapter five is a bit lenghty.  Be sure that you understand the chapter thoroughly and that you are using the questions to help guide your understanding.

Honors students, you have an additional piece of reading this weekend by George Orwell called "Shooting an Elephant."  After you've read the article, I want you to answer questions one and four at the end of the piece.  When you answer question one you need to consider at least two different reasons why Orwell shoots the elephant.  Your answers should be done in good throrough paragraphs.  Please submit your work to the homework box on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning depending on your class.  Feel free to also use this piece to add to your vocabulary bookmarks.

Enjoy your weekend, and your readings!

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