Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homework for 14 October


Over the weekend you should begin to study for your short story quiz. Focus on the main aspects of the stories, literary devices apparent in the stories, and also the plot events in the stories. Also, you need to be sure that you complete your movie poster review activity. Be sure that on the poster you include the requried information of: title, image, quote, critic's quote, characters and what actors would portray the characters.

Be sure that your movie poster gets to the box on Monday/Tuesday.


You've got a few things to accomplish tonight:

  1. Complete your paper! I appreciate the fact that so many of you have come to see me to review these essays. Finish your papers and turn them in to me tomorrow.
  2. Complete your vocab cards and bookmarks. I'll be collecting these tomorrow too. Make sure that you take the time and get them completely finished.
  3. Watch an episode of The Simpsons tonight - we'll be looking at an episode in detail tomorrow to discuss satire. You will want to consider the elements of satire and how they are seen in episodes of The Simpsons.

See you tomorrow!

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