Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homework - 10/21


Tomorrow you will have your first major assessment on Great Expectations. You will need to focus on the information presented in chapters one through fourteen. Be sure that you understand the major plot events from these chapters. Also, you will be asked to make connections between 1984 and Great Expectations - be sure that you are putting some thought into these connections. We went over one today in class, you will want to think about others.

Another section of this assessment will focus on the use of satire. I will be giving you a small passage and you will need to annotate the passage and compose a brief essay on the elements of satire used in the passage. Be sure that you can use your literary vocabulary to discuss satire.

Lastly, remember that redone vocabulary cards will be due tomorrow. I will not be accepting these late. If you are going to do this, have them tomorrow.


Tomorrow we are going to finish our Wordskills Unit One information in preparation for your exam next week. I would begin to study for this now. Also, you have an extra credit assignment due on Tuesday/Wednesday. Spend some time putting this together, I will not accept these assignments late.

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