Monday, October 11, 2010

Homework for 10/11


Tonight your homework is to continue along with the reading of Great Expectations. Tonight you are to read chapters nine and ten. If you did not have a chance to finish reading chapter eight, I would highly recommend that you re-read it tonight. I would actually recommend that you reread it tonight because Miss Havisham and Estella are supremely important characters in this story and you'll want to pay attention to first meeting them.

I know that the reading has been at a relatively strict pace, we're going to scale it back in a bit, I just need to you to really get into the book before we can move on to some more specialized areas of focus.

Furthermore, you may want to take a minute to reflect on the Housman poem today. Go back and reflect on the poem later - you may find that you get a lot more out of it this way.

I look forward to class tomorrow before our mini-break on the 13th. I've got something special up my sleeve for when we get back on Thursday.

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