Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Homework for A-Day Students: 11 September 2018

Good afternoon everyone - For now we still have class on Thursday, but it will be shortened since our school will dismiss three hours early. Be prepared with the notes below.

English IV

You all did a great job today finishing "I Go Along" and considering some of the major ideas of the story. Next class we're going to be moving on to another text and looking at another way to display information about ourselves. For tonight, continue to focus on your vocabulary studying as well as your literary terms. We will have a quiz on this information next week - after the hurricane has passed and we have gathered back together.

AP English III

We have now returned and reviewed the parts of our summer assignment - yay! Now it's time to apply feedback and learn from what we have done before. Be sure that you are applying feedback and working through the questions and comments that have been raised with your work. If you are unsure of what to do, see one of us for help and support. Your revised outlines are due in two classes and your revised questions are due in four classes. Remember that if you received full credit on a question, you do not have to revise or change it in any way.

For next class, you should focus on two things. First, read and annotate Eudora Welty's "Listening" which is available in some editions of 50 Essays and at this link. I think that this is a beautiful piece about writing as a craft and as a skill. As you read it, consider what you think are the most important parts of being a writer. How would Capote respond to Welty? Secondly, prepare your rough draft of your In Cold Blood Nature versus Nurture essays. You should have a full introduction paragraph and about two topics which have been fully developed. Apply the notes that we have reviewed over these last few classes as you are revising and writing. Remember - it's all about making your point in a convincing way to your reader! Explain, explain, explain!

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