Friday, August 28, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - 8/28/2015

Russian II/III

This weekend you have to complete some writing to turn in to me.  Take your paragraphs and begin to write in Russian.  At any point when you are using nominative, accusative, or genitive case I want you to write that in Russian.  All other case instances or verbs should be written in English.  At the bottom of you work, do a verb analysis.  Russian II - You only need to tell me the tense of the verb.  Russian III - Tell me the tense, aspect, and if it is a verb of motion, the directionality of the verb.  In addition, practice your singing!  Here's a video to go along with our song about passionate, dark, gypsy eyes!  Enjoy Fillip Kirkorov - he's a bit like a Russian Liberace.

Russian I

This weekend you should master the first three groups of Russian letters as well as the handwriting that goes with these.  Make sure that your packet is complete, for all the letters we have reviewed.  I will check these on Tuesday!

English II

You have no official homework this weekend; however, some of you need to complete your travel paragraphs and everyone needs to study their Russian literature notes.  Make sure that you are practicing and reviewing every night so that you remember everything really well.

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